Veterinary Medicine

Cryosurgery for veterinarians

Cryosurgery, sometimes referred to as cryotherapy, is a medical technique that uses extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. In veterinary medicine, this form of treatment has lately become increasingly popular for treating a wide variety of skin conditions in pets.

More portable, easy-to-use hand-held devices, such as the CryoIQ, were developed to give the veterinarian the possibility to treat skin lesions in animals either in the office or in the field.

The procedure is minimally invasive and is therefore commonly used to remove small skin tumors, such as warts and benign growths, as well as to treat precancerous lesions and other skin conditions. During the procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area, causing the tissue to freeze and eventually fall off. The accuracy will avoid destruction of surrounding healthy tissue and this powerful method of application will allow the veterinarian a safe and effective treatment of the targeted lesion.

The great thing about cryosurgery is that it's minimally invasive, which means your pet won't need major surgery or stitches. This can be a huge relief if your pet is anxious or has health issues that make more invasive procedures risky. Cryosurgery can also be used to treat some types of cancer in pets, such as small tumors in sensitive areas like the mouth and eyelids.

Overall, cryosurgery can be an effective and safe way to remove skin growths and treat some types of cancer in pets. For example, it may be used to destroy small tumors in the mouth, eyelids, or other sensitive areas where traditional surgery may be too risky or difficult to perform.

CryoIQ in veterinary medicine

Our CryoIQ devices provide veterinarians with enhanced treatment options by offering the ability to use two different freezing methods:

Liquid spray freezing: Delivers precise millimeter-level precision to the treatment site via micro capillaries.

Contact freezing: Before placing the closed-tip applicators onto the lesion, they are cooled by the cryogen to ensure hassle-free contact freezing.

CryoIQ can be used by veterinarians to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, such as but not limited to:

  • Warts
  • Eyelid tumors and masses
  • Tail and tail base tumors
  • Tongue
  • Distichiasis
  • Paw or pad mast cell tumors
  • Skin tags Tumors in the mouth, or ear
  • Papillomas
  • Angiomas
  • Cysts
  • Peri-anal carcinomas and anal gland tumors
  • Epuli