CryoIQ® PRO Aesthetic Liqiud

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic Liquid


With PRO Aesthetic Liquid, aestheticians and beauticians can enhance the natural beauty of their clients by removing unsightly beauty spots, lentigo, and other benign skin lesions. Recent innovations in cryosurgical application techniques ensures that only the targeted area is treated, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed and promoting faster healing.

With our new exclusive PRO Aesthetic Liquid, aestheticians have the ability to switch between seven different interchangeable applicator tips, providing a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of skin imperfections and their individual needs.

The device's freezing temperature is -89°C/-128°F, making it the most effective solution for treating skin lesions. Below are some of the key features of PRO Aesthetic:

  • Ergonomic design: The device has a simple pencil type-grip that allows for accurate and even distribution of the cooling medium by depressing the metering lever, making it easy to use for aestheticians.
  • Safe handling: PRO Aesthetic Liquid uses state-of-the-art cooling technology that eliminates the need to handle potentially dangerous gases and liquids, ensuring safe handling and easy replacement of the gas cartridge when it's empty.
  • Versatility: PRO Aesthetic Liquid offers a wide range of applicators suitable for different areas of application, ensuring precision and accurate treatment of skin lesions such as warts, sun spots, age spots, skin tags and more.
  • Fever complications: Treatment with PRO Aesthetic Liquid is a non-invasive procedure that does not require incisions or injections, making it a safe way to remove skin lesions without the risk of scarring or infections.

With PRO Aesthetic, aestheticians can confidently treat skin lesions and help their clients achieve clear, smooth, and flawless skin.

Spray freezing applicators

Standard tip, 60 μm

Ø1-6 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's standard tip, DST

Dermatology tip, 60 μm

Ø1-6 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's dermatology tip, 60 μm

Dermatology tip, 80 μm

Ø7-18 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's dermatology tip, 80 μm

Dermatology tip, 100 μm

Ø12-28 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's dermatology tip, 100 μm

Angled tip, 45°

Ø7-18 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's angled tip, 45°

Long tip, 100 μm

Ø9-22 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's long tip, 100 μm

Gynecology tip, 100 μm

Ø9-22 mm

CryoIQ PRO Aesthetic device's gynecology tip, 100 μm


Freeze limiter

Combined ruler and freeze limiter

A white ruler with different sizes holes and CryoIQ's logotype on it


Protective cap

A small protective cap for the tip of the device

A small white protective cap


LED light

A small LED light for mounting on the device

A black LED Light



Our 25 grams gas cartridges are always conveniently packaged in sizes of 1, 4 or 10.


Delivered in plastic case.

Device specifications

NamePRO Aesthetic Liquid
Order numberCIQ-PS-L
Delivered inPlastic case
Freezing temperature-89°C / -128°F
MaterialStainless steel
CE markedAccording to Medical Device IIA
Warranty1 year (2 years after product registration)